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Illustrator Cornwall, Latest illustration: BP in the UK Contribution Campaign

Fantastic immersive animated world of highly detailed 3D illustrations by Mark Rowley
Freelance Illustrator and Graphic Designer based in Cornwall

Illustrator Cornwall Mark Rowley - BP in the UK illustration

This large illustration project was for the BP in the UK Contribution Campaign.
This project involved a vast amount of highly detailed illustrations all in the new 3D style, a big move from the previous 2D work, as each item now had several sides to illustrate, all fully customised to fit in with and to be instantly recognisable as the BP brand.

From entire London city scape's with famous complex buildings such as the National Portrait Gallery, Royal Opera House, The British Museum and Tate Britain. Then onto seascapes with ships and oil rigs, to all the vehicles from cars to trucks and trains, all combining together to create whole immersive worlds, within each section of the animation.

Watch BP in the UK Animation!

It has been fantastically rewarding to work on such a high profile project and to be given such creative briefs, I am immensely proud of the results and the final animation produced by Orchard from my many static illustrations, as they really do come to life within the 3 minute illustrated animation, into...

"A fantastic immersive animated world of highly detailed 3D illustrations"

Mark Rowley BA (Hons)

BP in the UK illustration BP in the UK Contribution Campaign

MARK Rowley - Illustrator Cornwall, illustrations for The Trainline animation

Illustrated people, commuters, train interiors and exteriors together with both the highly detailed London and Paris cityscape backgrounds for the Trainline animation.

Mark Rowley - Trainline London cityscape Illustration
Mark Rowley - Trainline Paris cityscape Illustration
Mark Rowley - Trainline Commuters and Trains Illustration

MARK Rowley - Illustrator Cornwall, Character illustration for Nodebook

Illustrated characters for an animation on Freedom of Expression

Character Illustrator Cornwall Mark Rowley
For this project I designed and illustrated many different characters in this modern simplified style, to appeal to a young target market...

Characters from a modern day: Painter, Writer, Public Speaker, Cyber Bullying Victim, Young Consumer, to historical characters: Voltaire, Roman Emperor, Socrates, then Lee Kuan Yew, also Salman Rushdie, a very varied mix of people all illustrated in this ultra modern fun slick style.

BP TV Ad "BP Illustration" Illustration by Mark Rowley

Illustrator Cornwall, illustration:

BP TV Commercial illustration.

Illustration for an animated TV advert for BP in Egypt.

This large illustration project was for the TV commercial for BP in Egypt celebrating BP's 50 years in Egypt.

This involved illustrating almost everything from; famous Egyptian landmarks and buildings to cars, trains planes, under sea scenes, ships, oil rigs to trees, all heavily stylised to fit with the BP branding colours and styles.

All coming together beautifully to create fully immersive and detailed scenes of; cityscapes, underwater coral reefs, landscapes, seascapes and much more.

To communicate BP's big plans for the future in Egypt...

The animated TV commercial can be viewed here...

Watch BP in Egypt Animation!

This is one of the biggest projects I have worked on and has been very exciting to be so heavily involved in, I am very proud of all my illustration work and the finished animation produced by Orchard.

Illustrator Cornwall, MR Rolwey Designs, urban street Graffiti art - Digital Art South West


BP TV advert - Illustration by Mark Rowley

Animated TV advert for BP in Egypt - illustration by Mark Rowley - 3D Animation by Orchard

Mark Rowley illustrator Cornwall